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35+ Years of Experience in PVC Compound

PT. Unipack Plasindo, a national company headquartered in Jakarta, was established in 1984. Operations at its fully integrated state-of-the-art production complex in Karawang-Indonesia.

Since the merger of the PVC compound division of PT. Impack Pratama and PT. Unipack Plasindo in 2006 we became more focus and efficient PVC compound producer.

As one of the worlds leading polymer producers, with capacity 900-1000 MT/ month. The Vinyl Compounds PT. UPC, Group of Impack Pratama Corporation offers a complete line of products and service for extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, sheeting, and film extrusion.


To be the greatest rigid PVC compounder in Asia


A strong commitment to customer satisfaction

ULTIMATE quality to satisfy customer and adhere to all relevant legislations and regulations of Indonesia authorities and other requirements to which our company subscribes.

PERFORM to our best capability and try to exceed customer expectation.

CONTINUE improvement in implementing and maintaining the Quality, Environment and Occupational Management System by involving participation of all employees.


We Care of The Quality and Environment to Sustain Our Future

Unipack Plasindo committed to creating value for customers, shareholder, employees and community through our dedication to sustainable and ethical.


PVC is safe in use. Formulation can be designed to meet critical health and food contact standards, and a wide of other applications.


Unipack Plasindo has already get ISO 9001: 2008 certificates to meet Customer requirement and developing ISO to our system company.

JHP (Japan Hygienic PVC)

To meet standard hygienic for food contact, we already has a certification from Japan Hygienic certifications.


Unipack Plasindo's RoHS compliant materials.

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